An R Package to preprocess pupil data

The package contains various functions for different steps in the preprocessing pipeline, such as deblinking, interpolation, smoothing, and baseline correction.

The pre-processing steps are based on what has commonly been used in the literature and influenced by sensible preprocessing methods suggested by

Mathôt, S., Fabius, J., Van Heusden, E., & Van der Stigchel, S. (2018). Safe and sensible preprocessing and baseline correction of pupil-size data. Behavior research methods, 50(1), 94-106.

The main goal of this package is to provide:

1) ease of use for pupillometry researchers to perform preprocessing steps

2) flexibility in choosing which preprocessing methods and parameters are used.



Eyetracker Support

The format and organization of the raw data file will depend on the type of Eyetracker used. The pupil_read() function imports the “messy” raw data file and its output is a “tidy” raw data file with standardized column names and value labels to be used by the other functions in this package.

Currently, pupil_read() supports:

  • SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) eyetrackers: eyetracker = "smi"

    • RED250m

    • Eye glasses

  • SR Research EyeLink100 eyetrackers: eyetracker = "eyelink"

  • Support for other eye-trackers will be included in future updates.


There are two general ways you can use this package to do preprocessing:

1) Use pupil_preprocess()

Documentation on using this method is provided in Use pupil_preprocess()

You can also use pupil_preprocess() through a GUI window Use the GUI


2) Build your own sequence of pupillometry functions

Documentation on using this method is provided in Build Your Own Sequence of Pupillometry Functions

Planned Updates

  • Better error and warning messages

  • Data preprocessing visualizations?

  • hampel filter option (maybe?)

  • Support for Tobii Eyetrackers

  • Support for GazePoint Eyetrackers


If you are having difficulty getting the package to work or would like to make a feature request then do not hesitate to contact me:



Tsukahara, J.S. (2020). pupillometry: An R package to preprocess pupil data (v0.5.0).