An R package to create nice looking output for CFA and SEM analyses using lavaan and semPlot packages

Interact with an Example Output



Required Packages

  • lavaan package to run CFA and SEM analyses

  • semPlot package to display model diagrams

  • sjPlot package to print correlation tables


The package contains an R Markdwon template that makes it very easy to run CFA and SEM analyses in R and create nice looking output.

Once you install the package, you will be able to access the RMarkdown template by going to:

File -> New File -> R Markdown… -> From Template -> SEM RMarkdown

You simply need to specify the data file location and the following default model parameters in the YAML header

  import.file: ""       # Relative file path to data
  mimic: "lavaan"       # Which software program to mimic for estimating models
  missing: "ML"         # How to deal with missing values: "ML" or "listwise" TRUE          # For CFAs, default setting whether to set latent variances to 1 or not
  std.ov: FALSE         # Staandardize all observed varialbes?
  se: "standard"        # How to calcualte standard errors: "standard" or "bootstrap"
  bootstrap: 1000       # If se = "bootstrap" how many boostrap samples?

Then specify the CFA or SEM model using lavaan syntax.

lavaan syntax is very intuitive to use and is documented with useful tutorials

Screen Shots

Model Fit

alt text

CFA Output

alt text

SEM Output

alt text

Model Diagram

alt text

Correlation Matrix

alt text